Peace Day + Burger Day (+PayDay): marketing / guerrilla warfare!

28 Ago


Peace and Burgers, all together. Sounds bizarre… And it actually is bizarre. How could a burger possibly fight for the world peace? I’m pretty sure that by now everyone has read about the latest Big War. I was going to let it go when I suddenly realized that today was one of these days that nobody -apart from Comunity Managers- cares about: Burger Day. For some reason -probably related to PayDay being today- I felt compelled to tweet my most recent burger-eating achievement when I saw hundreds of tweets regarding THE issue. Surprisingly, most of them revealed sympathy for BK’s initiative. I strongly disagreed with them, and I would like to briefly explain myself:

I would like to make clear that I find the idea outstanding. Taking action as BK did is just brilliant: creating a campaign to gain visibility across the Social Media, whereas McDonalds had to come up with a response. Woah.The implementation of the idea was, however, too poor. They turned a win-win strategy into a greasy, low-cost viral: proposing a McWhopper? Seriously?

Was there any reason for McDonalds to say yes? This preposterous product wouldn’t have made any remarkable difference for the companies. At least, not in terms of visibility, public image or whatsoever. BK would have been the winner. So what?

Why saying no was right? BK and MD ARE enemies. We all know, and we all can live with that. From a PR point of view, there is nothing wrong with admitting that they are not friends. From a peace perspective, the mere idea behind the campaign was offensive. Burgers for the peace?!

They should have proposed a combined CSR action. BK would have gained visibility, McDonalds would have had to accept the proposal and on top of that, someone could have been benefited by their good actions. They went for cheap burgers instead. Foul play, indeed. But let’s admit it: I would have given McWhopper a try!



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