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Peace Day + Burger Day (+PayDay): marketing / guerrilla warfare!

28 Ago


Peace and Burgers, all together. Sounds bizarre… And it actually is bizarre. How could a burger possibly fight for the world peace? I’m pretty sure that by now everyone has read about the latest Big War. I was going to let it go when I suddenly realized that today was one of these days that nobody -apart from Comunity Managers- cares about: Burger Day. For some reason -probably related to PayDay being today- I felt compelled to tweet my most recent burger-eating achievement when I saw hundreds of tweets regarding THE issue. Surprisingly, most of them revealed sympathy for BK’s initiative. I strongly disagreed with them, and I would like to briefly explain myself:

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Marketing de Halloween

31 Oct

bruja googleUna vez repuestos del reciente susto de Carrie llega Halloween y, como no podía ser de otra manera, este día trae consigo nuevas campañas terroríficas diseñadas para gusto y deleite de marketeros y aficionados al miedo. Aunque pueda ser un poco tópico, servidora no ha podido resistirse a poner aquí algunas de las que más le han gustado:

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